Earn a gift card to use with over 2,000 shops in Ireland & the UK!
Get up to €310 with each of your celebrations.

Use your organisation email in your Celebr8 account, and that's it! You are ready to enjoy our Corporate Benefit.

The value of the gift card depends on the size of the party: from “Up to 30 people” to “201+”, and on the day that it’s held. Celebrations held between Mondays and Wednesdays have a higher value. This is a physical gift card, so we will ask for an address to deliver it.

We will add €10 to the gift card if you can’t find the pub you want and you recommend it to us, so you can celebrate there.

Party size
Gift card value
Gift card value
Up to 30€ 30.00€ 20.00
31 - 50€ 55.00€ 45.00
51 - 100€ 95.00€ 80.00
101 - 200€ 175.00€ 160.00
201+€ 300.00€ 270.00