Shaping the future

We aim to leave this world better than we found it. We dream BIGGER, work with talented people and go above and beyond for our users.

  • We are on a mission

    Celebr8 was born out of a dream. A dream to make finding spaces to host parties a breeze. We dream of solutions for everyday issues, and we work hard to make those dreams come true.
    We dream BIGGER!
  • Our story

    It is a fact that the pub industry is losing customers. It is very difficult for pubs to keep their doors open with continuously decreasing footfall. Parties and celebrations are becoming their biggest source of income.

    Celebr8 allows pubs to increase their exposure, get more parties and manage them effortlessly. As a customer you can easily find and book pubs for your parties and celebrations.

    Meet us in person, and we will tell you the full story.
  • The team

    Working alone sucks, so we joined forces to accomplish our mission.
    Meet the masterminds behind Celebr8.

    Carlos R.

    CEO / Founder"Doing more than I think I can, so that I’ll always be more than I am now."

    Radu S.

    CBO / Co-founder"No risk, no fun."

    Shane W.

    CTO / Co-founder"Live outside the comfort zone."

    Scott K.

    Tech Lead / Co-founder"In this world you make your own luck."